Sunday, 21 April 2013

sugar mummy looking for a cute dude

I am really hoping to connect with someone here. I have been trying to get posted here for a while now and I am happy I have finally reached you guys and you are interested in posting this for me. I have been searching for a real place like this and I am extremely happy to have found this site and hope to be a partaker of what it offers.
My name is Amina and I live in Sokoto. I am a business woman and I have made quite a lot for myself. I am divorced with kids but they are mostly adults and not dependent on me. I am a very pretty woman but I have not been really a happy person for reasons I can not disclose here.
I am looking for someone who will make me happy always. I have had a lot of bad and painful experiences and I need someone who will make me forget the bad and painful experiences. Please I need someone who can and will care for me and I am willing to please him by any means necessary.
I would have preferred to have left my number but Admin warned me about it and I have decided to take to his warnings but you can send me a mail o the box they provide below. Please be matured people and matured messages only.

Saturday, 6 April 2013


I am looking for someone who can make me happy. I need someone who can be with me. I need someone who can take away my loneliness. Someone who loves music, movies, parks and pools. I need someone who will make me and my kids always smile. If you are interested in being with me, I am sorry that I can’t drop my number because it is what I am using it for business but I can drop my email. Please write me a message and I will get back to you.
Thank you Admin for posting this for me and thanks for what you are doing. It is a wonderful job and I sincerely appreciate it. You have somehow been able to beat the scammers to it. I know it is not an easy battle fighting against them but you are doing well and I am sincerely impress. Keep up the good work


I compliment you guys for what you are doing here, I have been going through this site for sometime and I love what you are doing. its like what you are doing is real because people are getting connected and I will also like to be connected to a loving sugar mummy. 

My name is Kelvin 30 years old, tall in height and light in complexion, I base in Lagos Nigeria. I am a fun-loving guy and an easy-going guy by nature.
Please I need a mature Sugar mummy who can take care of me, A lady who is caring, understanding, gentle and easy-going. I’m ready to do what ever she want me to do. Please I don’t want someone who is not serious so keep off. Contact me on +2348099338391 or contact the admin
please admin I request it edited. Admin thanks for the service.