Monday, 21 April 2014


Hello Ladies..

Please I can not write too much words here. I am just looking for a woman who wants to make me happy and she would be rewarded handsomely. I need someone who is pretty and cute.

If you are interested, leave me a message in the contact box below.

Thank you

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Hello Guys…
Compliments to this sugar mummy and sugar daddy website and all they are doing in hooking people like me up. It is a wonderful thing and they have to be praised for it. I actually found this website via Google and decided to give it a try and see how well things work here. I do hope it works well for me.
My name is Chineye and I work with a large company that is into cosmetic production. I am bio-chemist their. Well I do not think that should be anyone’s concern here so I won’t talk about it again. I am single though I was once married. Things didn’t work out well between my ex and I so we separated and share our kids. Anyway I am back to the market and I can now do the many many things I have always loved doing. I can now go out from time to time and just have a nice time with my friends and family. 
I am here looking for someone who would want to be in a relationship with me. I need someone who is serious and not a child who is looking for where he will go and have a nice time and still make money from it. I work for my money and so I spend it wisely and would not waste it on someone who just wants to waste his time with me. I need someone who is handsome and educated. I need someone who can hold himself in a discussion and can contribute to it wisely. I prefer tall guys but would be okay with any height as long as he succeeds to make me happy.
Anyone interested in me should leave me a message in the comment box below. I need someone to share with me a honest and truthful message please. Just tell me about yourself as I have shared about me. I would also like to connect with you via any social media like whatsapp or BBM but no Facebook. I would not want you making silly comments in my Facebook wall.
Thanks very much Admin for creating a website like this. It is a wonderful idea and you are doing a great job with it. I have sent you a little thing. Just call me when you need support and I will in whatever way I can.
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FOR CONNECTION DETAILS CONTACT OUR ADMIN==> call admin 08074906297 visit our for the procedures

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Loving Day To All You Young Loving Guys…
It is really a pleasure for me, as a sugar mummy to have this oppotunity to be here and I sincerely hope I can get someone to hook up with who will mean a lot to me. Please this is for those who are really young and not those who think they are young at heart.
I would prefer to be addressed as Pam here for the purpose of this post but I would prefer to be addressed in my other name which I would disclose later, when I have gotten the person I need. I am in trade and I also deal on government contract. I just started the government contract of recent when I just got to know a few people and things are really looking up for me. I am not married and if I once was or not does not concern the general public. I have 3 daughters and they are just kids and growing.
Well as for likes, I don’t think I do much to have fun. A little outing with family or friends once in a while just to have fun about covers it. I can’t remember paticipating so much in other activities. I know you young people have a lot of things you would want to try. Well I am open to ideas.
As I stated above. I need someone very young with adventurous ideas. I need someone who knows what to do to always make a woman happy. He has to be cool and kind. He must always be romantic with me and that includes in public. If you feel you will be too shy to be around me, then do not bother me at all.I am not your mummy but your sugar mummy. Which means I would have certian expectations before you will get a dime from me. If you do not meet with it, then we have nothing worth doing together.
Anyone who is interested can write me a message in the message box below. I need serious and honest messages please. Scammers and spammers should please stay off. Anyone who writes in a way I suspect to either be a spam or scam will be ignored. Please tell me a little about yourself and I will get back to you if I am interested.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Hello Sweet Ladies…
I want to be a young lady’s sugar daddy so she can take my cold away. i do not want my name to be published but I am a business man and I still work online. I am doing a lot okay considering others. I would not like to also discuss my marital status nor how many kids I have so far. My family affair is private and I would appreciate it if it is respected and left that way.
love to go clubbing and have a nice time. I love to just dress up looking good and then go out to enjoy myself. I also love to swim but only in the weekends. I am not really into movies but I do take my family to see a movie and have a nice time and I can do that also for the lady I will hook up with.
I am looking for a young, pretty lady. I need someone who is endowed. She has to be very hot and well behaved. I promise to cater for all her financial needs if she can always make me happy. I would prefer someone who can handle a discreet relationship. I am not looking to get married again nor am I looking to get someone pregnant so protection will be paramount.
Anyone interested can write me should write me a serious message in the message box. I need someone to write me an honest message. Please I am not looking for agents so they should not bother me. I just want to hook up with someone and I am here looking for one.
Thanks Admin for posting me. You guys are doing a wonderful job. I love what you are doing here. Please keep it up and try to remain as honest as you have always been.

Sunday, 14 July 2013


Hi. my name is Empress and I’m a student…..I was born in the month of October and I’m in my early twenties…..I’m beautiful, intelligent and smart. I love cooking and I also love a man with a good appetite. In my family, we just 5 in numbers, my dad and mum plus my two elder brothers and me. I am the last and also hapen to be the only girl. I school in ogun state but based in Lagos
And least i forget, I am from Delta state, UhrobO…..and am proud to say that am a good girl and well brought up. I am Nice:-),Caring , Loving :->, and every other thing that a man could ever dream of because I am all in all.
So now am in need of someone who is matured between 30 and above, well educated, has a good job and also good looking and must be based in lagos and is very comfortable. I am not looking for a sex partner. I am luking for a friend and maybe we could go from there.
I don’t need someone who could afford me the whole world or expensive stuffs. i just need someone who wuold make me feel special and loved … if you are interested kindly commenT, and if you know that you are not matured, then don’t bother ….


I was here awhile ago to get posted as a sugar mummy but then you were having troubles with the site. I hope it is all as over as you claim it is. Anyway I am here to see if I can get hooked up with a serious relationship.

My name is OmonigO and I am in my very early 40′s. I am a business woman by profession and I can confess that business is good by experience. I use to be married but not anymore and what happened between I and my ex is no body’s business. He has the kids because he is not in the country but they come to see me during their holidays so I can say I am good with that arrangement.

I just love to have a nice time. I love to visit parks and just have fun or watch people have fun. I do go to watch movies but I prefer been there with someone. I do not like going to clubs nor parties I am not invited to.

I have been bored for a while now and I guess it is time for a little excitement in my life. I need someone who is ready to just have fun with me when he is arrounD. I need someone of mature mind and looks. I need someone who knows where mature people hang out and not places for children. I as a sugar mummy will provide but you have to prove you can provide for yourself too so I can support.

Anyone who is interested can write me a message in the message box below. Honest messages only and not copy and paste. If I get the hint that I was sent a ‘copy and paste’ message, I will ignore you totally.

Thanks a lot for posting me here Admin. I sincerely hope the issues you are having with your website is over. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. Keep been a blessing to others and you will be blessed

Monday, 8 July 2013


I’m based in abuja, was born and raised here. I’m a graduate servin in abj too. I need a bisexual girl that we can hook up and have something special. I’m 26yrs old and a female. Please if you are interested indicate by postin a comment under this post with your bbpin, twitter handle, leave me a message or contact the Admin for my contact. I don’t know hw it works. I prefer any abuja based lady from 20 to 30 that is mature in mind and won’t go about blabing. Thank you